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AOP : Cyrillic codepages

Because I fulfill some work for Ukrainization of my computers (since 1992), I wish to place all its parts together. Look also at my projects page for several packages for miscellaneous programs Ukrainization.

So, there are several charset for Ukrainian, most important of them is listed below.

RUSCII charset
RUSCII, as defined in the RST 2018-91. Also known as CP1125.
It's a standard Ukrainian charset for DOS and OS/2. You may download my package for DOS Ukrainization (dos4ua.zip, 14 kb) or screen fonts (4 kb) for this charset (8x8, 8x14, 8x16 dots). Because Win32 console also use DOS encoding, you may download CP1125 screen fonts for windowed console mode apps (vgaoem.fon, 8514.fon, dosapp.fon; 18 kb).

KOI8-U charset
KOI8-U, as defined in the RFC 2319. It's a most popular standard for *NIX and default transport encoding for Internet mail and news.

CP1251 charset
CP1251, as defined by MicroSoft, Inc. It's a standard Cyrillic charset for MS Windows family, which covers Byelorussian, Russian and Ukrainian characters. You may download my package with keyboard layouts for MS Windows 3.1* (win4ua.zip, 14 kb) and for MS Windows 95 (w954ua.zip, 3 kb). On my projects page you may find packages for Ukrainian support in some Win* programs.

MAC-U charset
MAC Ukrainian, as defined by Apple, Inc. Unfortunately, I don't have an Apple computer, so can't say anymore about it.

You may also look at the other cyrillic charsets:

I'd use some info from Fingertip Software Cyrillic Character Sets page and Roman Czyborra The Cyrillic Charset Soup page.