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FIDO photos, 10-May-1997

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This shots made during the III-th assemblage of equinockers on Trukhan island, Kyiv, Ukraine using Zenit-E camera on AGFA XRG film (ISO 100).
Printed by Fuji (9x13cm), scanned by Genius ColorPage-SP (A4), scan area 125x187mm, 100dpi, 24bpp.
Text description also available (7k, rus)

photo, 53k Stands (left to right): Frantsisho, Rivkind, Popov, Komarov, Badrak, Fursa, Bratskiy, Brenina
Sits: Poduryan, Shabarova

photo, 41k Left to right: Brenin-jr, Frantsishko, Badrak, Komarov, Rivkind, Popov

photo, 47k Left to right: Brenina, Poduryan's legs, Shabarova's hand (with plastic glass), Belilovskiy, Brenin-jr, Bratskiy (with Travka dog), Frantsishko, Fursa, Komarov, Badrak, Rivkind (with bottle), Porokhnyak (with two glasses)

photo, 41k Left to right: Bratskiy's hand (with chicken), Shabarova, Brenina, Poduryan, Brenin-jr, Belilovskiy, Fursa, Frantsishko, Komarov; Travka dog in center

photo, 44k Top (left to right): Fursa, Frantshishko, Komarov, Rivkind, Popov
Bottom (left to right): Brenina's crown, Shabarova's crown, Bratskiy's profile, Badrak's leg

photo, 51k Stands (left to right): Rivkind, Fursa, Komarov, Popov, Bratskiy, Brenina
Sits (left to right): Brenin-jr, Badrak, Poduryan, Shabarova


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